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Notice Regarding the Investment in Venture Capital Funds in the Environmental and Energy Sector


Nippon Denko Co., Ltd. (the “Company”) hereby announces that it has decided to invest in the venture capital fund "EEI Fund 5 Innovation and Impact Investment ('EEI Fund 5')", which is operated by Energy & Environment Investment, Inc. (the "EEI").

Through investment in ventures with innovative technologies, EEI Fund 5 aims to contribute to solving social issues, particularly those related to decarbonisation, and to maximize investment returns and create social impact.

The Company has positioned "Tackling new businesses" as one of its main challenges in its Eighth Medium-Term Business Plan, and has been considering investing in venture capital funds with the aim of exploring opportunities to generate synergies with leading venture companies. EEI especially has an excellent network as a venture capital specializing in the environmental and energy factor, and has a wealth of experience in business collaboration with investing companies. Therefore, the Company decided to invest in EEI Fund 5.

Through this investment, the Company will accelerate the realization of new businesses by finding new points of contact and business development possibilities with the investee of EEI Fund 5.

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