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Medium-Term Business Plan

Outline of Medium/Long-Term Business Plan
Toward "Our Ideal State" in 2030

We announced our Medium/Long-Term Business Plan (2024-2030) on November 29, 2023.
We view changes in the environment toward the realization of a sustainable society as an opportunity, and we will work to formulate and implement concrete business strategies that balance "Solving social issues" and "Enhancing corporate value" to sublimate the "Desired State" formulated in the 8th Medium-Term Business Plan to "Our Ideal State " in 2030.
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Our Ideal State

A company that keeps on challenging for a better future by supporting people’s lives through materials and the environment

Revenue Plan

(Underlying profit basis) *1
9th Medium-Term Business Plan*2
"Our Ideal State" in 2030
Net sales \76.4 bil. \95.0 bil. \110.0 bil. or larger
Ordinary profit \2.5 bil. (\5.5 bil.) \10.0 bil. \13.0 bil. or larger
ROE 6% 10% 10% or higher

*1 Earnings excluding inventory impact and one-time factors
*2 9th Medium-Term Business Plan (FY2024 to FY2027), with FY2027 as the final year

Four Targets for Realizing
"Our Ideal State" in 2030

Growth Strategy

Medium/Long-Term Business Environment and Our Strategy

We regard changes in the business environment that would contribute to the building of a sustainable society as a medium/long-term growing fields, and aim to expand the scale and scope of our businesses while leveraging the strengths of our businesses in these fields.

Growth Strategy

Strategic Investment and Business Portfolio

To create a business portfolio that is less susceptible to the ferroalloys market conditions by proactively and strategically investing ¥45.0-¥50.0 bil., more than three times the previous medium-term plan, in growing fields.

Strategic Investment and Business Portfolio

R&D and Exploration of Business Opportunities

Aiming to increase corporate value by creating new products and businesses that would help solve social issues

To strengthen the development of
new products
  • Continuously allocating resources to the development of new products utilizing our proprietary technologies
  • A total ¥3.2 bil. of R&D expenses for the 9th medium-term business plan
To explore business opportunities
  • Investing in VC funds
  • To collect information on ventures in the materials and environmental fields
  • To seek business opportunities through collaboration with venture companies possessing advanced technologies while utilizing our resources and know-how

To Improve and Stabilize Profitability

We aim to achieve an ROE of 10% or higher by establishing a more stable and profitable structure through the active investment in growing fields while further stabilizing profitability through the restructuring of the domestic Ferroalloys Business. (drastically reducing the impact of market and volume fluctuations)

To Improve and Stabilize Profitability

Financial Strategy

We aim to reform our financial structure to realize growth strategies and improve profitability


Sustainability-Related Measures

GX To implement measures to achieve carbon neutrality and aim to reduce our CO2 emissions by 45% or more* in FY2030
(*Scopes 1 and 2, vs. FY2015)
DX To utilize data and digital technology to promote production, operations, and business.
Plan to invest around ¥4.0 bil. by FY2030

DX Activitiy Themes

  • Production DX

    Promotion of smart factories to strengthen manufacturing competitiveness

  • Operation DX

    Concentrate resources in high value-added services by operational efficiency improvement

  • Business DX

    Optimal allocation of management resources and creation of new businesses

Human Capital Management Visualizing and executing a human resource strategy linked with the medium/long-term business strategies will strengthen the foundation of human capital management and improve corporate value

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