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Medium-Term Business Plan

Overview of the Eighth Medium-Term Business Plan
―Basic Policy and 10-Year Vision―

We announced our Eighth Medium-Term Business Plan (2021-2023) on April 20, 2021.
We are pooling our efforts as a company to tackle challenges en route to realizing our vision for the next decade.
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  • 2021
  • 2022
  • 2023

Eighth Medium-Term Business Plan

Basic policy

Establish a foundation for growth that leads to the next 10 years;
“4 Cores + Growth”

Three key tasks for realizing our vision

  1. Strengthening existing businesses
  2. Tackling new businesses
  3. Strengthening the corporate structure to adapt to the changing business environment
  • 2030

Our vision

A company on a constant quest for a better future by supporting people’s lives through materials and the environment



Three Key Tasks for the Eighth Medium-Term Business Plan

Strengthening existing businesses Pursue competitiveness and maximize profitability in each business segment.

Ferroalloys segment

  • Stabilize profits through drastic reform of the production structure

Functional Materials segment

  • Proactively reinforce our capacity to supply to fields that involve battery materials and electronic parts

Environmental segment

  • Proactively expand on the strength of a perfect recycling rate and low environmental impact
  • Leverage our capacity to supply products to explore new businesses and enter new markets

Electric Power segment

  • Ensure stable operations and profits based on the Feed-In Tariff (FIT) system for renewable energy
  • Consider expanding power generation using renewable energy

Tackling new businesses Develop new markets and businesses by leveraging our technology and product capabilities, strengthen R&D, and seek collaboration with other companies.

Tackling new businesses

Strengthening the corporate structure to adapt to the changing business environment Put management resources to maximum use; invest proactively; engage in decarbonization initiatives; promote digital transformation

Investment plan

Capital investment (3 years)

\15.0 billion (20% increase from the previous Medium-Term Business Plan)

M&As and alliances

Consider productive collaboration, including expanding overseas and developing new businesses

Engage in decarbonization initiatives

Use our broad range of products, technologies, and services to further contribute to achieving carbon neutrality by 2050

Ferroalloys segment
  • Reduce material weight to help improve automobile fuel efficiency (ultra-high tensile steel plates)
  • Overseas ferroalloy production using hydropower
Functional Materials segment
  • Provide battery materials that facilitate the electrification of motor vehicles
  • Contribute to the information infrastructure of an electrified society
    Provide materials for electronic parts
Environmental segment
  • Achieve a perfect recycling rate for low-CO2-emission incineration ash
  • Supply Pure Water Production equipment for hydrogen stations
Electric Power segment
  • Use renewable energy to generate electricity (hydropower)

DX initiatives

Strengthen intelligence

Revamp core systems (operational/accounting): Launch in 2024

Transition to smart operations and administration

Use AI, IoT, and other digital technologies to advance operational technology

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