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With production locations in Tokushima and Malaysia and proven technology, we provide a stable supply of high-quality manganese ferroalloys to our customers.
We also offer other ferroalloys, and are highly regarded by our customers as the top manufacturer of ferroalloys. Click here to learn more about where ferroalloys appear in society.


Tokushima PlantTokushima Plant

  • Producing manganese ferroalloys in the city of Anan, Tokushima since 1969
  • Produces ferroalloys with low electric power consumption and is one of the most competitive plants in the world
    Product types: High-carbon ferromanganese, Low-carbon SLP ferromanganese, etc.
  • Manages its own dedicated pier facilities for just-in-time supply

The ferroalloy production process

The ferroalloy production process


Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn. Bhd.Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn. Bhd.

1. Overseas ferroalloy production

  • Nippon Denko has a 25% stake in Pertama Ferroalloys Sdn. Bhd. in Malaysia
  • Securing competitive green electricity from the largest hydropower facility in Southeast Asia (Bakun Dam, 2,400 MW)
  • Producing ferroalloys that consume large amounts of electricity
    Product types: Silicomanganese, ferrosilicon

The Kudumane Manganese MineThe Kudumane Manganese Mine

2. Investing in manganese mining rights

  • Nippon Denko has a 25% stake in Kudumane Japan GK, which invests in Kudumane Manganese Resources in South Africa
  • Diversifying ore procurement sources

Ferroalloy Products

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  • High-carbon Ferromanganese

    High-carbon Ferromanganese


    Superior for improving the hot workability and weldability of steels.


    Manganese additive to molten steel, deoxidizer, desulfurizer

    Symbol General Standard Composition by Element (%)
    Mn C Si P S
    FMnH1 73~78 ≦7.3 ≦1.2 ≦0.40 ≦0.02

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