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Message from the President

A company on a constant quest for a better future by supporting people’s lives through materials and the environment

President & CEO:Yasushi Aoki

President & CEO
Yasushi Aoki

Ever since its founding, the Nippon Denko Group has been involved in producing ferroalloys. Fittingly, our Ferroalloys business is our inner core and fuels our greatest strengths: competing on the world’s highest level and satisfying the world’s most demanding environmental standards thanks to our intensive dedication of management resources to high-carbon ferromanganese and exhaustive efforts to control costs in this business.

We are also focusing on and steadily developing our businesses (Functional Materials, Incineration Ash Recycling, and Aqua Solutions), which are relatively insulated from market conditions and should deliver stable profits.
With five core businesses, adding the Electric Power business, namely hydroelectric power generation, we are striving to further increase corporate value by building a business portfolio that is less susceptible to the market conditions for ferroalloys.

The Medium/Long-Term Business Plan formulated in November 2023 calls for executives and employees to work together to realize Our Ideal State in 2030 "a company on a constant quest for a better future by supporting people’s lives through materials and the environment " under the basic policy of "balancing solving social issues through business activities and enhancing corporate value through sustainable growth". We intend to steadfastly search for solutions to management issues by leveraging the Group’s strengths to the maximum extent and using every bit of our management resources. In addition, we will continue exploring new avenues to the future by providing a consistent supply of high-quality products and developing and delivering new technologies while providing new products.

Five Core Businesses


With production locations in Tokushima and Malaysia and proven technology, we provide a stable supply of high-quality manganese ferroalloys to our customers.
We also offer other ferroalloys, and are highly regarded by our customers as the top manufacturer of ferroalloys.

Functional Materials

We produce products that offer both high-performance and high-quality on the strength of our hard-earned metallurgical and powder technologies.
Our functional materials are used in a number of advanced materials, including metal hydride alloys for HVs and cathode materials for the lithium-ion batteries of EVs, thus helping create a sustainable society.

Incineration Ash Recycling

We melt the incineration ash generated by waste incineration furnaces in municipalities at the high temperature of our electric furnaces to detoxify. Furthermore, slag (ECOLAROCK) and valuable metals produced by melting are reused for perfect recycling.

Aqua Solutions

To meet the demands of a recycling-oriented society, we aim to protect finite water and resources by purifying industrial wastewater and providing pure water production systems for Ene-Farm and hydrogen stations.

Electric Power

Our Horomangawa Hydroelectric Power Plants located in the Hidaka region of Hokkaido have been approved for the Japanese government’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) system for renewable energy, and are a source of stable profits. The Horomangawa River system is located in the rich natural environment of the Mt. Apoi Geopark-a UNESCO Global Geopark-in the town of Samani. We intend to continue contributing to the achievement of carbon neutrality by providing green electricity as we take steps to consider the local natural environment.

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