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Terms of Service

Terms of Service

We ask that you read and agree to these Terms of Service before using this website (the “Website”) operated by Nippon Denko Co., Ltd. (“Nippon Denko”). Additionally, we ask for your understanding that using the Website constitutes consent to all of the following conditions.
We also ask for your understanding in advance that these Terms of Service are subject to change without notice.

1. Copyrights and Trademarks

  1. Copyrights for the images, text, audio, video, programs, and other data (collectively, “Content”) of the Website belong to Nippon Denko. However, if there exist copyright owners other than Nippon Denko, in principle, copyrights for Content belong to the copyright owners. Customers are prohibited from using (including replicating, altering, or otherwise appropriating for use on websites, social media, printed materials, or the like) beyond the scope of what is allowed under the Copyright Act (e.g. private use) without the consent of the copyright owners.
  2. Trademarks (e.g. logos) used on the Website are protected under the Trademark Act, the Unfair Competition Prevention Act, and other laws and regulations regarding intellectual property.

2. Disclaimer

All information displayed on the Website is prepared and managed with the utmost care; however, the accuracy, completeness, effectiveness, and other attributes of the information are in no way guaranteed.
Additionally, Nippon Denko is in no way liable for any damage caused by customers’ use of the Website. Nippon Denko is not liable for problems with software or hardware or other damage resulting from use of the Website.
We also ask for your understanding in advance that Nippon Denko may suspend operations or stop providing service altogether for the Website.

3. System Requirements

Recommended Browsers

We recommend the following browsers for using the Website.


  • Edge (latest version)
  • Firefox (latest version)
  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)


  • Google Chrome (latest version)
  • Safari (latest version)


The Website contains Content that runs on JavaScript. If you have deactivated JavaScript in your browser settings, the Website may not function or display properly. We recommend activating JavaScript in your browser settings before using the Website.

4. Information Security

Nippon Denko makes efforts to ensure information security with a full awareness of its importance on networks. We also work to prevent security incidents, and in the unlikely event that they do occur undertake urgent measures to minimize loss, investigate the causes, and take steps to prevent their recurrence. We handle personal information on the Website in accordance with our Privacy Policy, which is set out separately.

5. Cookies

  1. The Website acquires cookies, advertising IDs, and other information sent from users’ devices; IDs for identifying users’ terminals; and IP addresses, information about pages viewed and users’ systems, and other information. We use this information for the following purposes.
  1. To analyze how customers use the Website in order to make the Website easier to use
  2. To create statistical data (e.g. number of site visits) in order to gain an understanding of how the Website is used
  3. To stream Nippon Denko Group ads and measure their impact on websites other than the Website
  1. Cookies and other information constitute customers’ personal information in some cases; we handle such information appropriately according to our Privacy Policy.

6. Links to the Website

In principle, links to the Website may be created. However, we do not permit links to the Website from websites that violate public order and morals or illegal websites. When linking to the Website, please clearly indicate that the link is to the Nippon Denko website.

7. Governing Laws and Jurisdiction

  1. The Website and interpretations and applications of these Terms of Service are governed by the laws of Japan.
  2. The Tokyo District Court is the first court of jurisdiction over disputes involving the Website and/or these Terms of Service.
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