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Management Philosophy

Management Philosophy

Helping create an affluent future through sustainable growth by developing and providing distinctive products, technologies, and services.

Corporate Governance

The Nippon Denko Group is enhancing its corporate governance by seeking sustainable growth and striving to improve its corporate value over the medium-to long-term through the establishment of systems that facilitate transparent, fair, rapid, and resolute decisions and the demonstration of entrepreneurial spirit based on the aforementioned Management Philosophy, all without losing sight of its fiduciary responsibility as an entity entrusted by its shareholders with business management in addition to its responsibilities to them as well as its employees, customers, suppliers, creditors, local communities, and other stakeholders.

Additionally, the Group has deemed the two-pronged system of a Board of Directors and an Audit & Supervisory Board to be useful for ensuring the efficiency and fairness of its business management, and has adopted the company with a board of company auditors format. Specifically, the Board of Directors, which comprises mainly executive directors well-versed in the Group’s businesses, makes decisions about the execution of important operations and supervises the directors’ execution of duties, and members of the Audit & Supervisory Board equipped with legally robust auditing authority audit the directors’ execution of duties and strive to enhance the supervisory functions of management from a fair, unbiased, impartial perspective.

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