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Privacy Policy

Basic Policy for Protecting Personal Information

Given the importance of protecting personal information, Nippon Denko Co., Ltd. (“Nippon Denko”) strives to protect personal information based on the following basic policy regarding all personal information acquired and used in the course of business.

1.Acquiring, Using, and Providing Personal Information

  1. Nippon Denko acquires personal information through fair and proper means.
  2. Nippon Denko does not use personal information beyond the purposes outlined below or indicated when it acquires the information.
  3. Nippon Denko does not provide personal information to third parties without consent of the individuals who own it unless otherwise defined in laws and regulations or this Privacy Policy.
  4. When Nippon Denko uses personal information together with a third party or entrusts a third party with personal information, Nippon Denko supervises the third party in order to maintain confidentiality.

Purposes of using personal information

Nippon Denko uses the personal information it acquires for the purposes outlined below.

① Information belonging to customers, suppliers, and relevant organizations

  • To sell products and services
  • To provide information about products and services
  • To improve and advance products and services
  • To purchase raw materials, machinery and equipment and materials, and services
  • For internal employment management and safety control
  • To create and distribute various membership lists
  • To respond to inquiries to Nippon Denko
  • For other communications

② Information belonging to shareholders

  • To exercise rights/execute duties under the Companies Act
  • To provide services as the issuing company to the status as shareholders
  • To implement various measures for facilitating relations between shareholders and the company
  • To prepare shareholder data based on prescribed standards under laws and regulations and otherwise manage shareholders

③ Information belonging to employees

  • For recruiting
  • For employment management
  • For other communications

2.Requests from Owners of Personal Information

Nippon Denko respects individuals’ rights to their personal information, and when individuals make requests regarding their personal information, Nippon Denko takes the necessary measures (e.g. disclosing and revising the purposes of use, ceasing use).

3.Managing Personal Information

Nippon Denko implements appropriate safety control measures for the personal information it acquires, undertakes appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access to it as well as its alteration, destruction, divulgence, loss, and the like.

4.Observing Laws, Regulations, and Other Standards, and Continuously Improving the Protection of Personal Information

Nippon Denko observes all laws, regulations, and other standards that apply to personal information, and also observes matters set out in the Nippon Denko compliance regulations.
Additionally, Nippon Denko has appointed a personal information manager to appropriately protect and manage, and continuously improve the company’s protection and management of personal information.

5.Inquiries about Personal Information

Please direct inquiries, complaints, and requests for disclosure and the like about Nippon Denko’s handling of personal information to the department that acquired the personal information. If it is unclear which department acquired the information, please contact the following.

General Affairs Department, Nippon Denko Co., Ltd.
TEL: +81-3-6860-6800

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