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Dividend Policy and Treasury Share Acquisition Policy

Dividend Policy and Treasury Share Acquisition Policy

Our dividend policy is basically to distribute dividends according to consolidated business performance of each fiscal year. In determining the amount of the dividends, we take into account the trends in business performance, the business development in the future and the amount of the reserves necessary for keeping the financial condition.
Additionally, our basic policy for acquiring treasury shares is to holistically consider and examine many factors, including future business expansion, investment plans, our level of internal reserves, and trends in performance.

Dividends Trend

  FYE December 2019 FYE December 2020 FYE December 2021 FYE December 2022 FYE December 2023
Interim dividend ¥0 ¥0 ¥4 ¥8 ¥3
Year-end dividend ¥0 ¥5 ¥12 ¥9 ¥6
Total ¥0 ¥5 ¥16 ¥17 ¥9

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