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President & CEO Yasushi Aoki

President & CEO
Yasushi Aoki

Ever since our establishment in 1925, the Nippon Denko Group has been involved in producing ferroalloys, which are essential materials for making toughened steel. We also leverage the technology and knowledge we have amassed over our long history to provide a wide array of other products and services in our Functional Materials, Environment, and Electric Power businesses, all of which we count as our strengths.

At present, we are working to strengthen our corporate constitution to adapt to a changing business environment with the aim of becoming “a company on a constant quest for a better future by supporting people’s lives through materials and the environment.” The success and advancement of each and every employee is crucial for achieving this, and we are in great need of youthful sensibilities, namely boldly facing challenges without fear of change and creating new value.

The Nippon Denko Group operates in many fields that provide opportunities for youthful talent to prevail. We look forward to meeting people with the spirit to join us in building the future of Nippon Denko.

Nippon Denko at a Glance

Nippon Denko at a Glance

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Recruitment in General

Please use Mynavi to submit an application. Mynavi will send an invitation for a company information session.

Consistent with our mission to create an affluent society, we are looking for people who are committed to creating an affluent society through manufacturing.
We also welcome people who are grounded and think for themselves, people who proactively tackle challenges and see things through to the end, and people who respect others and draw out the strengths of their team. We offer such people opportunities to participate in various projects from early on in their careers.

Please contact the recruiter if you wish to speak to current employees.

Please feel free to contact the following for further inquiries.
Nippon Denko Co., Ltd.
Human Resources Development & Personnel Recruitment Center

4th Floor, Tokyo Tatemono Yaesu Building, 1-4-16, Yaesu, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-8282, Japan
Tel: +81-3-6860-7459


Although we consider them to a certain extent, the final decision, including whether to assign employees to administrative or technical positions, is made after confirming their aptitude, which we determine through recruiting and entry interviews.

We offer a program to encourage employees to obtain the qualifications recommended for work, so the underlying knowledge can be learned after joining the company.

We expect candidates to express themselves in their own words as they interact with many people. Specifically, we want to hear their thoughts about their lives as students, experiences they had, and their visions of themselves as working adults.

Yes. Many candidates have applied for administrative positions in recent years, and they are playing active roles.

No, not when you join the company. You will gain expertise in your work through new employee training and on-the-job training.

Upon Joining the Company

We determine assignments around late April, after observing new employees’ aptitude during recruiting and entry interviews and new employee training.

It depends on the employee, but employees may be transferred three times in their first ten years with the company.
Each employee has one opportunity per year to discuss their career with their supervisor. The information they share during these discussions as well as their aptitude and allocation of other employees are all taken into consideration when determining new assignments.

In the first week, new employees learn basic business etiquette and the fundamentals about the company’s businesses and departments at our Head Office. Then, they travel to our Tokushima Plant for roughly three weeks to build on their knowledge on the production floor.

About Nippon Denko

The atmosphere is open and relaxed, and everyone is free to voice their opinion regardless of rank.
In terms of the work, there are no barriers between positions and departments, and everyone cooperates.

In 2021, union members worked an average of 13.2 hours of overtime and took an average of 12.3 days of paid vacation.

We have company housing for the employees at the Tokushima Plant and provide housing rentals at other locations. The housing rentals include a rent subsidy program under which the company pays roughly 80% to 90% of the rent in most cases.

We obtained Kurumin certification as a company supporting childcare. At present, 100% of our female employees and nearly all of our male employees have taken childcare leave.

We own part of a Malaysian ferroalloy manufacturer at which we post a few technical employees. You may also have the opportunity to travel abroad for sales or raw material procurement early on in your career. Our business is very dependent on our global network, so we have many young employees with experience traveling abroad for business.

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Inquiries about Careers

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