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K. H.

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K. H.

Accounting & Finance Department

At university, I majored in accounting in the faculty of commercial science. I joined the company in 2016 and was assigned to the Ferroalloy Marketing Department. I worked in sales operations for two years and purchasing for one year before being transferred to my current position in the Accounting Department. My favorite ways to relax are to watch soccer games and go to bars.

K. H.

K. H.’s interest in companies that support manufacturing drew him to Nippon Denko
where he followed a path from sales to accounting

I wanted to work at a company involved in manufacturing with not so many employees. During my job hunting, I felt the strongest connection with this company, so I decided to work here.
When I joined the company, I hoped to go into either sales, where I could enjoy talking with people, or accounting to apply what I had studied at university. Fortunately, I was assigned to sales. Then, I made the rare move from sales to my current position in accounting.
Now, my work is everything to do with account settlement, from checking daily journals and tabulating monthly, quarterly, and annual profit and loss for Nippon Denko individually as well as the entire Group, to creating disclosure documents for publication.

K. H.

The importance of continuous learning and using what you learn in your work

My work obviously requires knowledge of accounting. I also find it quite challenging to develop an understanding of the company’s systems as well as what people do at the plants, in sales, and other departments in order to solve problems.
I also need to stay abreast of new issues, such as changes to accounting standards and the tax code, so another challenge is the need to study continuously.
New accounting standards went into effect for the last reporting period, but we were able to adapt without incident, setting up new procedures at the company and explaining things to each department throughout the year. One thing I find fulfilling about working in the Accounting & Finance Department is doing the accounting according to my methods of choice and seeing words I wrote on the financial statements we published for all to see.

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A Typical Day at Work

9:00 Start work, check email, check journal entries, check progress
9:30 Account settlement
12:00 Lunch
12:50 Check email, check journal entries
13:00 Account settlement
15:00 File internal reports
16:00 Check progress, check journal entries, account settlement

When I get to work, the first thing I do is check the emails and the journal entries made up until that morning.
Toward the end of each quarter and year, we check everyone’s progress and assign tasks within our section twice a day, in the morning and in the afternoon.
Then, I basically sit in front of my computer and get to work on the accounts I was assigned.
At lunch, I go to a convenience store or someplace else to buy lunch and eat at my desk, or I go out to eat.
After non-consolidated and consolidated accounts are closed, I file internal reports as soon as possible. Time management is important because I need to analyze results during account settlement as part of my reports.
When I finish my reports, I go back to the accounts. Each task has a deadline, so I work overtime or use flexible hours depending on my progress.

Nippon Denko is not a large company, so as long as you speak up, your opinion will be heard, even if you are younger. Also, if you show that you are motivated, people will give you more work to do, so if you are a self-starter, come and work with us!

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